Contract Law and Commercial Law



Our team specializing in economic law works with you throughout the structuring and development of your activity, by assisting you with all your legal questions in your commercial exchanges with your suppliers, partners and clients, and regarding your competitors.

More specifically, we work in the following fields:

Supplier and distribution relationships

Our team provides legal assistance in the relationships with your suppliers and distributors, wherever they are located (Asia, Europe, Africa, America):

  • drafting supplier agreements and distribution agreements: e-commerce platforms, payment methods, invoicing, etc.
  • drafting your general purchasing and sales conditions and/or conditions of use of your products and services
  • advising the best distribution network according to your type of company

Advertising and consumer law supervision

Our team also has relevant expertise in the provision of assistance in your advertising and sales activities:

  • advice for all your advertising supports
  • advice on obligations consumer protection law regarding your sales activities

Anti-monopoly law and anti-unfair competition enforceability

Our team may advise on:

  • restrictions and obligations in case of “concentration” of companies and other acts that are deemed as monopoly
  • legal provisions and consequences of unfair competition action