Corporate and Tax Law




Our principal practice areas are:

Private Equity

  • Venture capital/fundraising for innovative companies
  • Growth capital/fundraising to finance growth
  • Transfer of capital/LBOs
  • Turnaround financing/recovery of companies in financial difficulty

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Legal, tax and labour due diligence (in coordination, in particular, with our Employment Law team)
  • Structuring the merger and acquisition plan
  • Legal negotiations
  • Preparation and reviewing transactional documents
  • Monitoring closing
  • Post-acquisition litigation

Corporate Law

  • Company formation
  • Implementation of good governance practices
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Litigation between shareholders
  • Employee shareholding, in coordination, in particular, with our Employment Law team (including set-up and on-going legal advice as to stock-option plans, share grants, warrants, founder warrants and corporate savings plans)
  • Legal secretary functions (including preparation of documents for shareholder meetings, drafting of minutes and reports)

International representation 

  • Creation of subsidiaries, branches, representative offices overseas

We advise both international groups and SMEs, investment funds and individuals, whether they are resident or non-resident.

Our role consists of active participation, in advance, in support of the decision making:

  • of companies for their reorganization, investment or expansion transactions
  • of executives for their management packages (in coordination with our Employment Law team) and tax optimization of their income,
  • of individuals in their estate planning and their temporary or permanent tax relocation abroad.

We therefore help our clients both with their day-to-day tax management and with their one-off transactions, and more specifically in the following areas of expertise:

  • Corporate income taxation
  • International and group taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Taxation of reorganizations (mergers and acquisitions, LBOs, partial asset contributions, spin-offs)
  • Taxation of the company managers and executives, especially expatriates
  • Assets taxation
  • VAT
  • Real estate taxation
  • Personal income taxation
  • International trade related taxes
  • Tax audits and litigation

Our team, with our correspondent Chinese litigators, can advise you with your response from the initial phase of consultation, planning and preparation of litigation strategy through the end of proceedings and the enforcement of decisions, in all areas of business law.

Pre-litigation phase

  • Determination of the strength of the legal position being defended
  • Assistance and/or representation in all phases of negotiation
  • Drafting and monitoring of agreements

Trial phase

  • Prior analysis of the opposing party’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the possibility of implementing emergency proceedings as well as any useful protective measures
  • Choice of judicial strategy

Monitoring of enforcement

  • Analysis of decisions obtained and possible appeals
  • Immediate enforcement of the decision, in coordination with our partner bailiffs

Our team is dedicated to companies in financial difficulty. They work for companies and their executives facing legal or financial difficulties, including their creditors or buyers.

In terms of prevention:

  • Representation in ad hoc mandate procedures or friendly settlement of difficulties
  • Negotiations of agreements with the company’s creditors
  • Implementation of refinancing solutions

In terms of judicial resolution:

  • Assistance in the context of opening, carrying out, and terminating court procedures for safeguard, recovery and winding up
  • Advice on the declaration of insolvency
  • Defense in the event of officer and director liability

In terms of company purchases:

  • Assistance to the potential buyer in determining the perimeter of its offer
  • Preparation, drafting and presentation of the offer
  • Defense of the offer before the competent court in the presence of the procedural bodies