Intellectual Property and Technology Law



Our Intellectual Property law team is dedicated to provide assistance to companies in relation to enforcement and exploitation of their intellectual property.

We represent the clients in the respect of IP protection, disputes and contracting in China. We support them for contractual matters in the framework of technology transfer and know-how (technology transfer agreement, software distribution agreement, technical service agreement and etc.).


Our Intellectual Property law team represents the clients at all stages of administrative and judicial proceedings for protection of trademarks. We advise in choosing new trademark names, trademark applications and trademark disputes (opposition, invalidation, cancellation and infringement). We also assist in the administrative raid against the infringements of their trademarks.

Our lawyers accumulate extensive experience in trademark contractual matters including trademark license agreements, trademark transfer agreements and trademark co-existence agreement.

We provide assistance in due diligence in the framework of M&A practices.


Our lawyers work closely with our local patent agent to assist companies in patent applications, patent disputes and related issues. By providing legal advices in combination with our local agent’s technical opinions, we help you to make the best patent strategies.


We help a variety of companies and individuals (technology companies, designers, cartoonists, painters, etc.) to protect their copyrights.

We assist the clients to register their copyrights in China for the purpose of fast administrative raid against the copyright infringement. Our lawyers also defend the clients in the judicial proceedings of copyright disputes.