De Wolf Law Firm is proud to be a founding partner of SinnoLabs, a one-of a kind business growth accelerator for Belgian and European Innovative SME’s in China. Philippe Snel is Chairman of the Founders Board of this platform which is recognized, at various levels, as a strategic driver for the expansion of the cooperation in industrial innovation and technology exchange between China and Europe.

SinnoLabs is a partnership between government backed instances and private companies and entrepreneurs, from both Belgium and China, who wish to foster the emergence of strong innovation and technology trade relationships between Belgium (Europe) and China.

SinnoLabs has set itself the mission to enable selected innovative European SMEs to successfully venture their business on the Chinese market by offering a 12-month acceleration program.

Throughout the program, participants will be coached by mentors with established industry experience in China and given access to exclusive networks as well as the unique expertise and essential support from SinnoLabs’ founders and partners.